Sunday, May 23, 2010


Heaven or Hell.
Death and rapture is a reality in luke 16.23
And in hell, being in great pain, lifting up his eyes he saw Abraham, far away, and Lazarus on his breast. in a 1 Corinthians
55  O death, where is your power? O death, where are your pains?
56  The pain of death is sin; and the power of sin is the law:
57  But praise be to God who gives us strength to overcome through our Lord Jesus Christ. in Psalms 16.10  For you will not let my soul be prisoned in the underworld; you will not let your loved one see the place of death.

All power belongs to god.
in Jhon 5. 28  Do not be surprised at this: for the time is coming when his voice will come to all who are in the place of the dead,
29  And they will come out; those who have done good, into the new life; and those who have done evil, to be judged. in Hosea 13.14  I will give the price to make them free from the power of the underworld, I will be their saviour from death: O death! where are your pains? O underworld! where is your destruction? my eyes 

will have no pity. in 2 Peter 2

4  For if God did not have pity for the angels who did evil, but sent them down into hell, to be kept in chains of eternal night till they were judged; in   Romans 11           
21  For, if God did not have mercy on the natural branches, he will not have mercy on you.

the trial. i

Heaven or Hell, is a reality, all that God made was perfect, but some things have become, or are used for evil; example is procreation, for men to have children need to practice sex, so the sexual act is a blessing, if it is within marriage or in accordance with the will of God.

   Sheol (Hebrew) and Hades (Greek) means the unseen world of the dead.  
    Gehenna, is the term that indicates eternal conscious hell.     
    Abraham's bosom, is as it was called the place of the Saints.   

Prepared by:
Pb. Rogerio Brum Rodrigues.

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